DURAVIT living bathrooms Tuesday 08 May 2012

The popular Paiova bathtub from Duravit and Austrian design firm, EOOS, has been re-engineered thanks to new developments in acrylic technology.

Maintaining its distinctive trapezoidal shape, the new Paiova Monolith is carved out of a rectangular, acrylic monobloc, resulting in a beautifully seamless bathtub with continuous lines. An apron leads from the tub's interior all the way down to the floor, removing the need for panelling and rim and providing ample space for bathroom items and tap fittings.

The Monolith enables bathers to relax alongside one another with comfortable neck rests that make reading or simply taking a long bath a pleasure. It measures 67" long x 39.5" wide and is available in a corner-left and corner-right version.

A host of optional features enhance the Monolith's wellness and enjoyment attributes. Air and jet systems are offered as optional features, in addition to a step and handle that allow for easier entry. An optional coloured-light module adds a series of underwater LED lighting effects that transition through the entire spectrum or simply shine a single colour.

The optional sound module uses Bluetooth to establish a connection with an MP3 player or mobile phone, and allows the bather to select the track and volume - so the design of the bathtub isn't impaired by any operating elements. The bathtub itself serves as a sounding body above and below water to produce full-fidelity sound.