Philippe Nigro Thursday 03 May 2012

The application of an architectural element in a piece of furniture triggers a shift of scale that alters our perceptions.

The structure of the sofa is made with five legs that gravitate around the upholstered seat. Sloping like the supports of a construction, these strong, stable legs in solid wood form a contrast with the soft heart of the sofa, creating a dialogue between support and what is supported, between the inside and the outside.

With its unique design, this sofa becomes the protagonist of the living area, to create a cosycorner in a large layout or to form a special space of its own, set aside for relaxation.

Philippe Nigro describes his project for De Padova as follows: "As if on stilts, the seat becomes a suspended, intimate island, a sheltered place, a refuge for relaxation. Levitating over the floor, it generates a different position, a different vision of the outside world."


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Philippe Nigro

Born in Nice, France in 1975, Philippe Nigro studied Decorative Arts ( Bac F12, Industrial design BTS at La Martiniere in Lyon, DSAA Product & Furniture Design at Ecole Boulle in Paris), during which time he collaborated with C. Gardet and conceived the experimental garden 'Ailleurs' at Chaumont Sur Loire and the lamp 'Flac' for a Habitat competition<br /><br />