ex.t Thursday 03 May 2012

Ex.t's collection is designed by young designers and handcrafted in small artisan studios in Tuscany under the keen supervision of Ex.t design studio.

Ex.t offers multi functional furniture solutions that can be used in all spaces in the house.

All products are made with natural materials such as metal, ceramics and wood.

Collage cabinet is a mix between contrasting geometrical shapes, material properties and colour shades. Each cabinet of the family is different and can be combined with the others in various ways to create a unique collage. They can be used in different rooms of the house providing generous storage space for objects, towels, toys, documents or whenever storage is needed.

designer biog


Characterized by a practical, simple and original aesthetics, Ex.t furniture, accessories and lamps invite to use the imagination to make the home a more interesting and personal setting.