Dvelas Thursday 03 May 2012

Dvelas is an initiative involving the recovery of used sails applied to the design and production of contemporary furniture inspired by the rigging techniques of sailing boats.

DVELAS has two types of productions:

LIMITED EDITIONS: series originating from a specific sail, identified with a tag with data about the source of the sail and the port of origin, the boat, the type of sail, the fabric and the original manufacturer.

UNIQUE EDITIONS: Exclusive pieces originating from a specific area of a sail with special plastic qualities due to their patina, marks or numbers. These pieces are also tagged with the data about the source of the sail.

DVELAS has been created as a completely innovative initiative, with a conceptual, reflexive design that evokes the sea and sailing. An intrinsically ecological activity that recovers and re-uses sails to produce exclusive pieces of furniture.

The current design team is comprised of two architects, one designer and a sail manufacturer. DVELAS sometimes collaborates with other designers and artists for special projects or exclusive editions.

Handmade in Spain with sails from anywhere in the world.

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Initiative to recover used sails and transform them, applied to design, textile architecture and contemporary furniture.