B+D Design Wednesday 25 Apr 2012

Bonfire sculpture framed in a polished concrete surround - makes a focal point for the seating area in this unique garden created by leading Italian garden designer Luciano Giubbilei.

Best known for her indoor fire sculptures, now artist Cathy Azria is re-inventing the Bonfire for the garden. Built to special commission, her fires form the heart of an outdoor room'. Running on mains gas, they can be designed into a chimney, built into fireproof/frost proof vessels or, as seen here, built over a concealed burner.

The size, positioning and sculptural forms are designed in conjunction with the client and the steel elements of each piece are left untreated, to develop a beautiful firetempered rusty patina. As flames lick through them, they also begin to glow red hot, creating spectacular effects which will be different every time the fire is lit.

To commission only. Price on application.

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B+D Design

Fireplaces are no longer just about winter warmth. Now they are year-round focal points in our living spaces. Sculptor Cathy Azria takes the concept still further - creating totally one-off installations in which fire animates a structural composition. Lit or unlit, they are significant pieces of art. Born in Tunisia, Cathy came to London in 1980 to study sculpture. Living in London ever since, working for private clients, architects and decorators, her sculptural installations draw their inspiration from natural materials and organic forms.