Gillgren Wednesday 18 Apr 2012

This project started with research and experimentation with different textile techniques and materials. And the idea for the chair came from the old basket wicking technique.

Ola Gillgren liked the way that the baskets are made, and wanted to make the chairs construction part of the aesthetics. ‘I feel that the beauty of a furniture lies in both its shape and in its construction. In this chair I wanted the user to get the warm feeling of being hugged and cared for. I basically wanted the chair to hug and protect you'. Ola experimented with different materials and finally ended up with wool felt as the best one. Wool felt gives a warm and natural feeling and is a nice material to work with. She experimented with cutting the felt in different patterns and found that it gave the chair two different sides. A welcoming and upholstered inside, and an outside that clearly made the construction visible. ‘I think that the back of the chair is as beautiful as the inside. The chair is made to be in a big public space like an airport or a library. A space where you need to create your own room and feel a form of privacy. When inside the chair you are shielded from the outside world and its hectic environment'.

Dimensions: H 120 cm, W 135 cm, D 120 cm
Sponsor: M&K Filze,

Photography: Emil Thomsen Schmidt

Materials: Powder coated Steel frame, wool felt and upholstered foam seating.