GVA Lighting, Inc. Tuesday 17 Apr 2012

Highlighter-DL, Long Run Modular LED Delineation System

Highlighter-DL is a modular direct view LED lighting system developed by GVA Lighting to help architects outline skyscrapers where penetration into the buildings for multiple power/data feeding points are not allowed and when the lighting fixtures should be small in shape for space-constrained designs.

Highlighter-DL is built with GVA Lighting's proprietary power and control system, INFINITY, which allows it be installed in exceptionally long runs, up to 341ft or 102m for color changing and 672ft or 200m for mono colors, with a single power and data feed.

The Highlighter-DL system is designed for field installation and consists of four components: the Highlighter module, an aluminum mounting profile, an acrylic diffuser and a Power-Data-Box. The Highlighter module is a fully sealed, IP66, 300mm (1ft) linear luminaire with 18 LEDs. Each module snaps into the aluminum profile, which is securely fastened to the mounting surface. Modules are installed and connected end-to-end within the profile to create linear runs. The acrylic diffuser, with specialized nano-size light diffusing additives installs to the profile, over the LED module. The diffuser conceals all mounting provisions and presents a clean, uniform illuminated surface. A dual walls diffusing structure guarantees great uniformity and exceptional luminance; up to 1000cd/m. Special PMMA material provides the diffuser with impact resistance and prevents it from yellowing under exposure to the sun and UV radiation. The Power-Data-Box transforms universal input voltage, 110~240VAC into HL bus power voltage, 380VDC and input data of any protocol (DMX, Artnet, DALI, 0~10V, Triac) into GVA's proprietary single wire ZH protocol.

Highlighter-DL is a compact at only 86.5mm high (which includes 50mm diffuser) with a 38mm wide mounting surface; lightweight - just 1.7kg/m (which is important for mounting on skins of facades and for wind load resistance); typically consumes 4.5W per 300mm/1ft in full power; and is controllable with 300mm addressable increments.

Highlighter-DL is also suitable for delineation of long bridges, or long coves in airports and shopping malls.

GVA Lighting is a Participating Member of Emerge Alliance, whose mission is to promote DC power distribution in commercial buildings.