Thyssen Krupp Plastics Austria GmbH Thursday 05 Apr 2012

The Glowing Light Ball Bench created by Manfred Kielnhofer was present at the Light Art Biennial Austria.

The bench, which has a very simple design, consists of three light balls and two wooden board perforates that lay over the light balls. Contrasting structural dynamics of the artist Manfred Kielnhofer provides analytically with his artistic work.

Kielnhofer asks the viewer literally to an intellectual debate and intellectual, philosophical stimulation. Based on art and design relavant aspects of this work is based on philosophical thinking patterns that are complementary with social impact through the application and interaction.

Materials and urban positioning, more variables which give the work of art this unique versatility and applicability. Whether moving, static, bright, swimming, driving, busy or isolated freestanding - the action itself defines the fine line to use artistic design, or art-oriented design to use.

"The moment you try the artwork in my thoughts and words to capture, one realizes that this task almost limitless variations, offers viewpoints and approaches. Kielnhofer redeemed by shape, material, resulting in an avalanche of application functionality and solutions / results on different levels of perception."