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The L90 luminaire/lighting system is intended for mounting into the standard EURO tracking system, as well as for direct wall mounting for both direct and indirect illumination.

It can use LED sources (individual or linear), fluorescent T5 or compact fluorescent light sources. Several different versions of the same luminaire are possible by simply changing the orientation and length of the profile, depending on the light source and the interior's requirements and purpose. In this way, the same profile satisfies functionally different demands with lower production expenses. At the same time, architects are given the opportunity to obtain the desired effect of illumination in their interior design, using multiple types of illumination with luminairesfrom the same family in terms of shape.

The luminaire's housing is made of L-shaped extruded aluminium profile, made in such a way as to form a wide and narrow canal for positioning of the light source and electric components. Lateral closure is enabled using plastic caps. The supporting elements that carry the fitting enable rotation on one or two axes, depending on the version. The PMMA diffuser is made by cutting out the standard boards and mounting it into the profile without the need for tools. There is the option of applying steel sheetshutters, with outlets for the passage of light from an extruded PMMA diffuser, which allows mounting and maintenance without removal of the lateral caps.

Designer: Dusan Nesic for BUCK

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