Robert M. Cain, Architect Thursday 05 Apr 2012

Dusk was designed for Molly who requested a dimmable, energy-efficient, calming and meditative lamp for the home studio where she conducts her yoga practice.

Dusk's light source is from a LED bulb. The light is warmly diffused by an internal cylindrical translucent shade. Stacked aluminum deflectors distribute light and reflect images of the lamp's construction. Penetrations through the top deflector create a softly dappled pattern on ceilings and adjacent walls. All contribute to Dusk's softly glowing presence.

Robert M. Cain, who designed Dusk, is an internationally known architect (and friend of Molly) who, in addition to his architecture, has, over the last 30 years, created numerous designs for lighting fixtures and lamps as well as a variety of tables, desks, chairs, book shelves, and other furniture types. He personally handcrafts each prototype to his satisfaction, of which the submitted design is one, occasionally in preparation for limited signed and numbered production runs.

Cain collects a variety of salvaged, found, repurposed, utilitarian and off-the-shelf industrial materials for use in his projects and often peruses his collection for inspiration or incorporation into an idea. Dusk's materials follow this concept. The aluminum sheet metal is industrial salvage, the light diffuser cut from a trashed Ikea lampshade, the aluminum tubing from a previous project and the porcelain lamp receptor, junction box and dimmable LED lamp from a local hardware store.

Cain envisions Dusk with other deflector materials: Baltic birch plywood and mill finish carbon steel. The design, despite its salvage roots, is crafted with an eye to simplicity in construction, commercial viability and low cost operation.