Raguhner Metall Gewebe Manufaktur Thursday 05 Apr 2012

Outdoor Lighting Elements made from stainless steel wire mesh

LUMENISK light columns are light sources and design objects in their own right. They can be used in many different public outdoor areas, as well as private gardens. During the daytime they are contemporary decorative sculptures, whilst at night they expend pleasant indirect light creating a moody atmosphere. Light reflections on the body of the structure, which is made from high quality stainless steel architectural mesh, create fascinating optics with Moiree effects that vary depending on the viewing angle.

The stainless steel base has an integrated light source which is suitable for installation in gravel, patios, terraces and most other landscapes. LUMENISK light columns have a unique three-dimensional body made from stainless steel architectural mesh. The self-standing mesh body is manufactured with no visible substructure or joints. It is this innovative unique design together with the mesh that creates the specific light effects.

The skeleton-free mesh sculpture allows the mesh to develop its unique appearance without interruptions - with or without lighting. The light from the lamp embedded in the base is reflected from the top to assure a uniform illumination of the column.

LUMENISK design elements give structure to areas without creating borders. They accentuate and create a tender atmosphere. The different forms and formats allow individuality with harmony. In the evening and at night the discreet lighting of the LUMENISK columns maintains views onto open spaces and gardens.

LUMENISK light columns can be used for the design of public places and parks, as well as the individual design of private gardens. LUMENISK columns offer urban planners, landscape architects as well as garden designers, innovative lighting elements which fit perfectly into the fascinating contrast between nature and geometric forms of modern architecture.