Clay Designs Thursday 05 Apr 2012

In any statement piece position, Sqill illuminates free of unsightly cables, creating an ambience rarely seen before.

Projecting a pool of low level light to submerge and bathe in, combined with its mesmerising up lighting, Sqill creates a sensuous warming glow from a previously unconsidered geographic. Illuminating the environment from an exciting new perspective, bringing alive which once sat in the shadows.

Cleverly configured energy efficient LEDs ensure a balanced light throughout, enhancing the chosen layered finish by utilising the spectrum of white light colour options.

The Sqill design allows clients the choice of pre-considered size and finishes, as with the 900x900x408mm Red Gum pictured. Furthermore the bespoke option allows tailoring, taking inspiration from desires and interiors to influence dimensions and widen finish options.

As a functional light sculpture by British Designer David Chapman, these tables are made to order in the UK. Constructing the layers from sustainably sourced solid timber or high quality real wood veneered ply, the natural flowing patterns are carefully chosen for each position.

A 7 hour recharge provides up to 12 hours' consistent illumination before the LEDs ever so slowly start to dim, suggesting a charge will be required in the coming hours.