Thomas Malmberg Design Thursday 05 Apr 2012

About sailing, summer and light.

Regatta, designed by Thomas Malmberg, was from the beginning produced for an art and design exhibition. With inspiration from sailing and sea he worked with the goal of giving the lamp an unique design but at the same time try to avoid a complex manufacturing. The material is a special type of sailing cloth which besides that it gives a beautiful, soft light also has the technical properties that made the shape of the lampshade possible, an indoor lamp with inspiration from outdoor.

Regatta was from the very beginning designed for more energy efficient fluorescent light sources but also works with LED and incandescent bulbs.

Because of the quiet but still expressive design, one of the greatest strengths of the Regatta is that it fits into completely different interior styles. That's also one of the reasons why it has been ordered for a wide range of projects from private homes to conference rooms.

The lamp is currently available in two sizes, 50 and 70cm in diameter and in 10 different colors, which allows for exciting interior designs.

It can also be ordered in a mix of colours and in special sizes depending on requirements and needs.

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Thomas Malmberg Design

Thomas Malmberg has a degree as designer from Beckmans College of Design. He has previously worked as a set decorator, carpenter and also have extensive experience in interior design projects for contract and residential customers. In 2011 he launched his new line and are now focused on making it accessible to a wider market. The design is often characterized by a graphic expression and innovative technical solutions. Inspiration comes from the interest in materials, people, art, technology and architecture. His projects often have a conceptual nature which not only deals with surface and shape. It is also important that there is a fundamental idea about the product place in a larger context. The goal is to design beautiful, exciting and unique products that inspire others but the function is always a priority.