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Dapple (ceiling-6) is part of a new vocabulary of freestyle lighting devised and made by Ango, with the overall form of the chandelier a double closed helical loop in mild steel tube returning on itself with very fine jewel-like illuminated elements positioned at each node.

The diffusers to the light are composed of a hand soldered wire matrix which is then nickel coated, before being interwoven with metalised thread. Each diffuser is a unique individually piece created by hand as a piece of jewelry without the use of a mould, and contains many fine wrought surfaces, each of which refracts and modulates the light. The light source used is a 25 watt G9 halogen lamp so the total light output of the chandelier is 150 watts.

Each of Ango's designs is a kind of allegory about nature and technology, and there is very much a synergy between this starting point and the depth of their own hand-made low energy production techniques, that they have developed over the last few years.

The most notable use of the chandelier so far has been within the Adolfo Dominguez flagship store in Calle Serrano, Madrid where the central atrium space is occupied and illuminated with an adapted version of the design. Smaller scale uses of the light have often been in restaurant / private residences, usually suspended above dining tables.

Type: Mains voltage ceiling light
Lamp base type: G9
Lamp type: Maximum 25 watts (or equivalent low energy wattage) x 6
Diffuser material: Steel wire with nickel + interwoven metalized thread
Base material: Hand finished mild steel with matt black powder coat finish
Size: 1100 mm W x 1500 mm D x 700 mm H

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Ango create unique lighting and furniture designs aimed squarely at sophisticated consumers, architects and interior designers . Our mainstream catalogue pieces totaling around ninety designs are exported from our base in Thailand throughout the world, and in addition to this, an increasingly important part of what we are doing is the creation of special installation / exhibition pieces. To see more of what we’re doing, and to find out about local partners/stockists, please visit our website.

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