molo design Tuesday 03 Apr 2012

Cloud softlight mobile, designed by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen and produced by molo, creates a luminous, undulating overhead canopy that provides a feeling of spatial intimacy.

The mobile structure provides atmospheric light and a sense of enclosure and has the pragmatic function of allowing for a broad canopy of cloud forms to be hung from a single point for simple installation.

Cloud softlight mobile serves as a modular solution at large scales, where multiple mobiles may be grouped to form vast cloudscapes, tailored to the individual space they are shaping. Each mobile of luminous clouds moves with a gentle buoyancy in the natural air currents of a room, evoking a subtle organic quality. The mobile also functions as a single, standalone piece, creating an intimate setting as the main fixture in a sitting area or above a dining room table.

The hollow cloud shades are constructed of a honeycombed, non-woven polyethylene textile and lit internally by LED light. The honeycomb geometry of the cloud shade is a very effective way of diffusing an otherwise point-source type of light, making the sculptural three dimensional forms mysteriously and evenly radiant when viewed from any direction.