Albert Abut Architecture Wednesday 21 Mar 2012

99 Minutes of light:traditional illumination inspires functional innovation.

"99" is created by ALBERT ABUT ARCHITECTURE Tokyo office. The concept derives it's inspiration from the traditional Japanese ceiling light which is activated by pulling a string. "99" functions not only as a light, but also as a timer.

The string is pulled to varying lengths to adjust the amount of time the device will be illuminated. This allows the lighting instrument to serve not only as illumination, but also, as a reminder or a timer for any occasion, and as an ecologically-minded way to limit power consumption while still providing adequate and safe illumination. The innovative concept is to utilize the lighting instrument also as the display interface.

Inside, 34 LED lamps are employed to display the numerical countdown. This mirrors the original appearance of LED lighting used to display information in kiosks, signs and traffic signals. The Lamp itself becomes more than a mere source of illumination, it becomes a source of information as well. After activation of the lamp by pulling the string, the number of minutes remaining is shown briefly, then all 34 LED devices activate every minute and illuminate until the specified time has elapsed. The brightness is controlled by a small computerized dimmer module as it is necessary to have the same LUX intensity when there are only 10 lit (to show 11 minutes) or 22 lit (to show 35 minutes). "99" can be installed on the ceiling but also on the wall as decorative lighting fixture.

This product was awarded Honorable Mention at the JIA Architectural Lighting Design Competition 2008.

Albert Abut/Takeshi Iguchi/Pierre Alex/Jim Cooper


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