Klik Systems Friday 17 Feb 2012

The unique design of the LEDPOD (winner, Australian Luminaire Design Award of Excellence 2011) is inspired by a need to better illuminate stairs and walkways in large public spaces.

Specifically, the designer Paul Roos wanted to create a luminaire that could be easily inserted into the underside of a handrail, casting light from a low position. He wanted to entirely cut out blinding glare and increase visibility exponentially. The asymmetric design of the optics (patent pending) allows the fixture to be mounted parallel to the surface of a handrail, with no visible glare from the LED source and providing excellent vertical illumination. The light source is a 1-3W CREE LED operating on a 24V DC supply with the LED convertor mounted external to the handrail. If required the LEDPOD can be operated through a DMX or DALI control system.

An ingenious snap-in retention clip (patent pending) holds the luminaire in place, and removal or replacement is simple. A half turn will release the fitting from the retaining clip and either the internal driver or fitting can be replaced. The LEDPOD (IP65) can be installed in either an internal space or externally and is ideally suited for areas where lighting from the ceiling is not practical, for instance high void areas, lobbies, external walkways, and bridges. An energy efficient and cost effective option, the LEDPOD surely has a great future as the architect's choice for lighting stairs and walkways in sports stadia, health centres, transport hubs, museums, and public spaces of all kinds.