Delta Light nv. Wednesday 15 Feb 2012

Delta Light joined forces with fashion designer Tim Van Steenbergen to create the METRONOME.

What started as a special edition of Delta Light's Husk lamp, has developed to become a collection on its own. Known for his artistically draped silhouettes, Tim was looking to bring that level of craftsmanship to the lighting object. He was inspired to create an object that plays with light and shadow.

The result is a unique and versatile object, characterized by a waterfall of flexible strips. Except for 3 static elements, each aluminium strip can be tilted, allowing the user to create its own version. As such, there will never be 2 exact same copies, each version will have its own story.

In addition to the standard version Delta Light created the Metronome XXL, with a height of about 2 meters. An immense eye-catcher able to upgrade any large space.