Baroncelli Wednesday 15 Feb 2012

Baroncelli's Flexus Series is a collection of handmade wall lights, pendants and chandeliers featuring satin galvanised gold ‘curves' with cristallo rods.

With the Flexus Series Baroncelli have created a collection of lights which highlight the versatility of the ‘curve'. For example, the Branco light's seductive and sinuous lines echo the elegance of a traditional chandelier while the simplicity of its shape and exposed wiring is boldly contemporary.

The Rex wall light is made of two specially designed ‘curves' with a beam that unusually directs light back onto the wall. Each design can be customised using the ‘curve' motif to modify the light as desired. This allows the customer to create their own unique lighting design by adding or subtracting ‘curves'. This has the added bonus of allowing designs to be adapted at a later date. Baroncelli create spectacular and innovative designs in Murano glass for clients across the world.

Crafted by hand and made to order, Baroncelli is renowned for bringing its sophisticated and impeccable style to both residential and commercial interiors. Working closely with award-winning designers such as David Collins, Fox Linton and Peter Marino, Baroncelli's bold designs demonstrate the company's enduring quality and innovative approach to working with hand-blown Murano glass.

Baroncelli's timeless designs demonstrate an inspirational approach to the creative and manufacturing process whilst reflecting the enduring quality which only master-craftsmen can achieve.