gt2P Monday 13 Feb 2012

Pear App lamp is part of the family of products creates with the rule or "DNA" so-called G-branch, which works based on the observation of the growth of the branches of trees.

This time it is applied to a couple of fruits, apple and pear, which are transformed into a lamp. The merge of the apple and the pear is developed along an axis and a core. In the development of this meeting, fruits take volume around the axis differently in the top or bottom of the total length. The apple is wider at the center, unlike the pear that is wide at the bottom. This rule, using circles of varying diameters along the axis of growth, can take any shape of a fruit. To resolve the two fruits, each circle shaping these two fruits is changed vertically from points of subdivision.

Type: Hanging lamp · Material: Ceramic or resin · Size: 25x 18 cms

Product design by gt2P

Photographs by Aryeh Kornfeld

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Great things to people (gt2P) is a Chilean studio in a continuous process of research and experimentation in production, technical, functional and aesthetic terms always in search of new proposals.

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