Muuto Monday 13 Feb 2012

Under the Bell is not just a lampshade, content to house a light source and reflect it down. As it hangs over the table, it creates a room within a room - both physically and psychologically. Like a dome encasing a building.

The lampshade is moulded from two-tone recycled polyester. The acoustic properties of felt combine with its cupola shape to insulate the space under the bell, building a "room of sound" around your table.

Under the Bell is stating the example of "upcycling", which means that the products with short lifespan (disposable bottles) after being used are transformed into the long life product, upgrading the initial recycled material.

At the beginning of its life cycle the lamp shade is manufactured solely of one 100% recyclable material: PET (polyethylene terephthalate) fiber, a significant part of which is made from used plastic water/soda bottles.

In one single process two mats made from this PET felt are molded (thermoformed) by the press, then water-jet cut - and the lamp shade is ready. The industrial process is minimized considerably, since no subsequent surface treatment is required.

In the end of the life cycle the lamp can be easily recycled following Cradle to Cradle demands.

Molding of PET fiber is commonly used in the automotive industry because it fulfills the strict demands concerning flexibility, abrasion, fire resistance and easiness of cleaning and, what is very important, the high level of sound-absorption.

The combination of simple/basic and understandable shape, great strength and easy maintenance makes Under the Bellpendant lamp suitable for private homes, office meeting rooms and public spaces.

Designed by ISKOS-BERLIN for MUUTO


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