Creazioni by Silik Wednesday 08 Feb 2012

Children have vivid imaginations that must be nurtured. The Italian furniture manufacturer Creazioni recognizes this need and provides fun, colorful, and design-rich pieces that are perfect for children.

The bedroom offers the Biscottino bed with silver metallic feet and tall headboard. It is the single version of the double Biscotto bed and can be dressed up in a myriad on fun fabrics for boys and girls. This eye-catching bed can be paired with the elegant Elia wardrobe presented here with an opaque strawberry-red finish and steel heart-shaped handles.

Mini small armchairs, the perfect size for children, are also viable furnishing solutions for children's rooms.

These chairs feature fabrics that are hand painted by expert artisans and then specially treated for everyday use.

Not only are they good looking, but they are also sturdy enough to withstand the energy of cheerful children.