Studio Lawrence Wednesday 08 Feb 2012

The sculptural Raising Lantern by Studio Lawrence designers Bart Eijking and Patrick de Louwere has been nominated for an Interior Design Best Of Year Award.

Launched this year at the London Design Festival, the Raising Lantern comprises a series of stacked cylindrical shapes. The unique design of the lamp allows numerous compositions and possibilities. The various cylindrical shapes are interchangeable so one arrangement can instantly transform into another.

The lantern can shrink or grow up to 3.50m in height and is available as a floorlamp or pendant light. Patrick comments, ‘The Raising Lantern was inspired by the simple idea of stacking lucent volumes. A year and a half of hard work later, the idea is now a reality.' Bart Eijking adds ‘The concept arose while working on an interiors project; as a beautiful gesture, giant lanterns could guide visitors through the ground floor space and the stacked conical and cylindrical lampshades become sculptures in their own right.'

Being highly sociable, the Raising Lanterns work best in groups. The standing lanterns can form towering statues of light and, when hanging, the lanterns create clouds of glowing shapes. While imposing in their size and volume, the lanterns are also warm and welcoming as they radiate soft light. Their sculptural shapes both divide and define the space around them, the solid and soothing forms are ideal when clustered in reception and waiting rooms or hung above desks or conference
room tables. At home, a single floor lamp can transform in its size and composition to work in a variety of spaces, and the smaller pendants can create a striking focal point above the dinner table.

Being easily transportable, Raising Lanterns are popping up all over the globe. Appearing at your door as a flat pack, the Raising Lantern can then be easily assembled, the composition and height instantly able to be changed time and time again.