SANSERIF CREATIUS Tuesday 17 Jan 2012

Made of 100% ecological cardboard with a LED light source that provides great versatility

Sanserif Creatius has developed a table lamp called "Lumbrera" for the luxury line of Depas. This desk lamp is part of the Alphas collection, a selection of pieces of furniture and products for home and office. This selection of pieces have been designed as a limited edition and hand-made production.

Lumbrera is a table lamp with inspiration in letterpress and green awareness, made of cardboard and with a light source wireless touch, using technology-based Light-Emitting Diode (LED).

This Lamp plays with the classical forms of the letter "a" tiny for, staying true to form, give them a new value-become an auxiliary light point, which reinforces its aesthetic effect, able to decorate its own. Additionally, four LED spotlights provide notable advantages over other systems such as incandescent light sources, as they have lower power consumption, longer life, smaller size, as well as a great reliability.

Lumbrera gets its name from the Latin heritage and the etymology of the name, which refers to the bodies that emit light, though, in the words of the head designer of Sanserif Creatius, Ana Yago, this fixture plays on the double metaphorically the letter "a" as the first and also the popular reading of the term by which we mean people who are conspicuous by their intelligence.

"We believe that intelligence is demonstrated in the decisions we make each day, and focus our efforts on efficient lighting and low environmental impact is an example of this", as explained Ana Yago, who recalled that the conception of this kind of products "with soul" is part of the philosophy of Sanserif Creatius, as witnessed by other similar pieces, like the Canesu lamp, the Valentina throne-chair, or MyScreen, a handfull of pieces to filling the gaps that have not been explored yet.

The head designer of Sanserif Creatius has revealed that the Alphas collection aims to continue reinterpreting features and products to offer alternatives to traditional approaches of lighting, seating and accessories for electronic equipments, opting for recycled and / or recyclable materials, and applications requiring low-tech.

The lamp will be distributed internationally earlier this year, but until summer will be available only in the showroom of decorator Marta Garcia, called El Patio de Marta, in Madrid.