Sancal Tuesday 08 Nov 2011

According to the Postmodern architect Robert Venturi, ‘Less is a bore' but, for Sancal, more is sometimes better. More backrest, softer, more wood, smaller, rounder, more comfortable, more detail, more practical and more popular.

We are very pleased with the latest design by Rafa Garcia because it complies with all our expectations. As its name suggests, Folk is a popular model in every way: competitive price, maximum comfort, tight measurements, crafts and vintage accents.

Folk flees minimalism to delight in the attention to detail: seams, quilting, embroidery, sinuous shapes and other decorative elements, everything done with a special dedication sometimes lacking today.

Thanks to the height and to the back tilt and to the softness of the pillows, we managed to create a seat that hugs you.

The collection consists of a broad family of sofas, modules and chaises with different types of arms (with and without wings), as well as an angle and three sizes of pouf. As an option, it is possible to incorporate a quilted cover on the poufs and backs. The legs are made of beech wood.

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People are at the core of Sancal’s ethos: they create for, and are thankful to, the discerning customer. Their premise is to design products which go forward, which convey value and allow us to create singular spaces. Sancal aims to enhance our habitat with enjoyable products, a product designed with care; progeny of a venture conceived with dedication.

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