Sancal Tuesday 25 Oct 2011

A vegetal landscape, by Toyo Ito, 2010

From the algorithm of the double helix, there arises a unique form of Nature. Toyo Ito has been inspired by this particular shape to design furniture that facilitates the connection among people and that allows free use of spaces. At the same time, his desire is that the pieces generate a relaxed atmosphere and are visually evocative. The result is a bench with vegetal silhouette, similar to the fragments of a plant, with which we can compose a full leaf.

This vegetal form allows the creation of various landscapes. By combining the pieces of the series in different ways, we alter the rhythms. Changing the position or orientation of the benches, we can modify the context and adapt to the dimensions of any space.

Toyo Ito uses natural, quality materials: wool, wood and steel to enhance the organic component of the design. The upholstery used is Outback, an exclusive design by Giulio Ridolfo for Kvadrat. They are autumnal colours (beige, brown, grey, violet, red and dark green). The base is made of bleached beech, as the underside of the white poplar leaf.

Konoha is a Japanese word that means "tree leaves". In a garden we find leaves, benches and sculptures - all in one is Konoha.

With or without people sitting on them, the benches create an interior garden.

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