Allermuir Wednesday 12 Oct 2011

Haven by Allermuir creates just what its name implies: a private and intimate "haven" for conversation or for contemplation.

Haven is a modular soft seating system, which includes sofas, stools, tables and screens; it provides a comfortable retreat and productive work environment-at the same time.

Designed by leading British designer Mark Gabbertas, Haven was created with contemporary finesse to work on two levels, offering optimal functionality and distinctive appeal. Its modular elements can be combined to create waiting areas, informal working or relaxing environments. Haven's individual pieces can also be employed to create uniquely functional sofas, chairs and tables. These options make Haven an obvious solution for large or small corporate atria, executive or hotel lounges, airport lounges, informal meeting areas and general breakout spaces.

You could call this the psychology of space," he says. "We believe we all react consciously and subconsciously with and to the furniture we use, and thus we as designers have the ability to influence the way people behave and interact, not least because we can influence the way people feel. With Haven we are concerned with trying to provide for different types of behavior, whether in an airport lounge, a hotel reception or a workplace.

"With Haven, our objective was to create a system that could be combined in various ways to allow for a spectrum of activity-from the desire for private personal space, to interactive space through to public space, and that within these various typologies, one could work alone, hold small presentations, talk informally, conduct meetings or indeed simply relax," he adds. "We had the opportunity to create a system that could delineate space with space.

Gabbertas notes that public architecture is trending toward fewer, larger areas, which require furniture to perform functions, previously served by partitions and semi-permanent screening. He says they wanted to give it a "big enough presence to give it credibility when used as a space divider and delineator."

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