Xobo Furniture Thursday 14 Jul 2011

XOBO's 2011 collection represents three individual pieces that are simple and pure, animated and alive; which invite the user to explore and interact with their shape, form and structure.

The designs came out of space saving ideas; ingenuity of multi- functional, moveable pieces that are practical, colourful and fun.

Xobo Furniture is designed and manufactured in the UK.

For video animations, please see YouTube channel: XoboTV

Tyci Picco Folding Side Table/ Stool
Tyci Picco is an abstract wall decoration that doubles up as an extremely efficient and versatile space saving side table or stool. It completely transforms itself in design and function when opened or closed.

Materials: birch plywood, plastic laminate
Size: 420mm wide x 510mm deep x 450mm high in its open position

Oyster Wardrobe
Based on a gentleman's travelling suitcase, the Oyster Wardrobe was designed with compactness in mind. The wardrobe opens out to create different spatial compositions. It functions as a room divider or a sculptural piece and is ideal for creating separate spaces in lofts or studio apartments.

Materials: plastic laminate, plywood, metal, plexiglass.
Size: 960mm wide x 600mm deep x 1735mm high in its closed position

Ania Mini Desk
The ergonomically designed Ania Mini Desk features a two-position curved front desk lid, closing in either a horizontal or forward sloping position. The lid top can also be used as a practical secondary writing or drawing surface and conceals an internal magnetic metal memo board. There is an integrated pull-out shelf for expanded space and work surface.

Materials: solid maple wood, pear veneer, plastic laminate, stainless steel
Size: 860mm wide x 500mm deep x 825mm high in its closed position

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Xobo Furniture

Xobo Design is a multi-disciplinary design collective specialising in Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture Design and Graphics Design. Established in 2008, we are based in London and Brighton, providing interdisciplinary design services across all these disciplines. We take an inventive approach to materials, colour, natural and artificial light, sustainable detailing, spatial flow and the relationship with context. With over twenty years’ experience in the architecture and design professions, we work closely with clients to realise well-designed projects that reflect the way they live and work.