Studio MK27 Monday 11 Jul 2011

The collection "Prostheses and Grafts" was ideated by the team of architects of Studio MK27. The furniture is from the project sites of the office, constructed anonymously by civil construction laborers in Brazil.

All of the furniture was used at the sites. Normally, with the end of the construction, some of these pieces were lost and others are reused at other sites. The furniture from the projects underwent some small interventions, realized in a precise and artisan manner.

The project of interventions was a thought out case for each piece of furniture and there was a brief selection of the pieces gathered. Sixteen pieces comprise this collection, initially presented at Micasa VolB in March of 2010.

1. Radiola Table
Bench‐table with Ipod dock
2. Abuletada Table
Table for the dining room with a glass table‐top
3. Alumiada Table
Table‐bench with a copper luminary and carbon filament light‐bulb
4. Trilili Bar‐Wagon
Accessory box with stainless steel strip and industrial castors
5. Vai‐te‐mundo Hat Stand
Hat Stand with metallic suspenders
6. Toró Umbrella Stand
Wooden basket with chromium‐plated metallic finish
7. Escambau Table
Low table with a mirrored‐drawer finish
8. Quereres Table
Table‐bench with a wooden jewelry box in red synthetic enamel
9. Chamego Bench
Benches joined together by a carbon fiber plate
10. Sampled Bench
Bench with gold‐plated strip to replace wooden strip.
11. Pregado Bench
Bench‐table fixed with golden nails
12. Luizão XV Bench
Large bench with velvet cushion and golden details
13. Dá Hora Table
Bench‐table with a valve‐numbered clock
14. Fulo Table
Table‐bench with a laboratory glassware vase
15. Bo Benchette
Child's bench with giraffe back
16. Luzlino Table
Bench‐table with night‐lamp