JOHNHOUSHMAND Thursday 07 Jul 2011

This collection of urban organic furniture is a celebration of the natural and vital, fusing together the basic elements of nature with timeless materials and esoteric design sensibility.

The success of this collection revolves around the balance of precise and high-risk intervention with the art of minimal intrusion. Engaging the basic elements of wood, glass, and steel, each piece is individually handcrafted to heighten and reveal their underlying splendors.

Challenging the division between fine and functional arts, JOHNHOUSHMAND strives to provide an elevated view of nature's vibrant intensity through the ironic earthly beauty of each unique piece. JOHNHOUSHMAND is a collection of furniture that embraces the singularity of nature.

"We allow grains to spill. We love crumbling bark. We welcome wormholes." Their philosophy is succinct but profound: To show what wood really looks like. In our world, mankind strips all life from its underlying individuality in exchange for the uniform of mass production. Trees are truly becoming a lost species.

Trees are the guardians of everything sacrosanct. They hold secrets of the past and relinquish everything necessary to sustain the future. They bare their souls providing the air we breathe, the shelter in which we live, and the food that nourishes our very beings.

"We allow trees to do the talking. We simply listen."

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Raised by a Dutch-American mother and an Iranian father, John has always danced between Eastern philosophy and Western principles. He was cultured at an early age, spending his youth abroad in the Philippines, Great Britain, Iran, and Israel. John's work embodies the simplicity of Eastern aesthetics, a vibrant celebration of nature, and a deep reverence for all things esoteric. John is Commander-in-Chief of this entire operation. His unique relationship with the natural world has manifested into an 900-acre farm in upstate New York, which is where he creates his furniture today.