Modus Furniture Friday 01 Jul 2011


A collection of tables for meeting spaces, café use and occasional tables produced from laser cut steel with a recognisable identity.
Essentially, the ideas was to use thick sheet steel that is laser -cut, resulting in a single-piece base. The base is then stamped so that the centre is elevated about 20mm in height in relation to the four feet (Modus believe this improves stability as well as the aesthetics).
Modus have chosen to accentuate the four feet, a bit like a geckos fingers and toes, to give the tables a recognisable character. They have added height-adjustable feet mounted under the metal base that are somewhat larger than usual and with serrated edges, making them easier to grip. There are two base sizes to make a flexible family of tables with varying formats.
The tabletop shapes are softened squares and rectangles or circular shapes that enhance the overall design as well as giving them an even clearer character of their own. The table tops are available in a range of sizes to cover most commercial eventualities. The table top is produced from a slim 13mm high pressure laminate in a arrange of colours and is suitable for heavy use in commercial environments.


Design by Claesson Koivisto Rune