John Galvin Design Friday 01 Jul 2011

John Galvin first began thinking about the design of The Manolo Lounger around four or five years ago.

He had never released a chair design before and did not feel one hundred percent confident and had honed the design until 6 months ago. "Every cabinet maker is judged how talented they are on the chair design they produce".

The inspiration for the chair came from two different sources. The first being John's absolute admiration for two of the greatest chair designers who ever lived, Hans J Wenger and Finn Juhl. The second point of inspiration was a beautiful high heel sketch he had seen by shoe designer Manolo Blahnik. The back legs of the chair are loosely based on this sketch, which led to the chairs name.

The Manolo Lounger is the most challenging piece John has attempted to produce. There are over five different jointing techniques in the construction of the piece and there is not one single 90-degree angle in the entire chair.

The seat is beveled in two directions, tapers from 12mm at the front to 28 mm in the centre and the top backside of the chair is hand carved to follow the line of the splayed back legs. The front two legs are mirror images of each other, with hand carved twisted details, which are also slightly splayed. The brass pin detail, which passes through the arm into the back of the seat, gives the chair-increased rigidity.

The Manolo Lounger was launched at the beginning of May in the Saatchi Gallery London as part of the Collect exhibition.

In November the chair will be displayed at the Philadelphia Museum of art.

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Cabinetmaker, craftsman and furniture artist John Galvin brings with him over ten years of experience in the design field. Originally from Ireland John has always had a real passion for quality design. Now located in Glasgow's west end John Galvin specialises in the application of traditional cabinet making methods to design unique pieces of bespoke furniture that will intrigue and captivate.