George Sacaris Friday 01 Jul 2011

The Faux Bois Collection consists of five tree stump forms made of hand-formed aluminum whose function can be determined by the user.

The collection is inspired by antique concrete faux bois furniture but is a thoroughly modern and abstract interpretation. They can serve as tables, stools, benches or pedestals and they function equally well indoors or out. Unlike their counterparts, they are light enough to be easily moved around by one person. Though the heights are standardized, due to their hand-formed nature no two are alike.

Each one is sculpted of 1/8" aluminum sheet without patterns or forms and is finished on all sides. The knobs or limbs serve as handles for lifting. They are available in glossy powder coated colors, satin brushed, or mirror polished finishes. The aluminum consists of approximately 85% recycled material of which 60% is post consumer waste. After their useful life they are 100% recyclable.

Their cartoon-like form is intended to appeal to the child in us all.