Alexander Purcell Rodrigues Wednesday 29 Jun 2011

The Spiro chair allows for custom artwork to be embossed allowing for maximum flexibility.

The Spiro chair design utilizes the controlled precision of modern technology and materials without being defined by them. The main form of the chair is constructed in Corian – a material with the tactility of stone but the malleability of plastic. The Spiro chair provides the kind of customizable flexibility not possible with traditional plastic manufacturing techniques.
Using our proprietary technology we can emboss custom artwork of the customers choosing, whilst ensuring minimal loss of detail from complex patterns or waste of material through the manufacturing process. Our process can be done in any of the vast array of Corian colors. The legs are bent stainless steel and assembled by hand. The formed artwork of the standard line is inspired by the parametric equation of the hypotrochoid (commonly known as the ‘spriograph’). The manufacturing technique we employ to construct the body of the chair allows for maximum customization through CAM, to suit any environment both indoors and out.

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Alexander Purcell Rodrigues

Alexander Purcell Rodrigues spent his formative design career in architecture, working on projects at Richard Rogers and Manser Associates in London. These included work on the Millennium Dome, the Great Eastern hotel and Sketch restaurant and bar. From there he moved to Los Angeles, becoming an award winning Art Director for M&C Saatchi LA. Following this, Alex launched Alexander Purcell Rodrigues Design an award winning interdisciplinary studio. Built around the experience and talents of its founder who studied at both Cambridge University in England, UK and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. Alex’s vision is to produce research driven innovative design that push the boundaries of aesthetics, technology and materials. In 2012, the studio sees the launch of VT’s 31ft 1973 Sovereign Airstream. A juxtaposition of modern western paired down design and eastern spatial partitioning techniques set within the iconic aluminum shell of nomadic freedom. The Studio is also in further development of products for international manufacturers. Over recent years Alexander Purcell Rodrigues saw a paradigm shift in the conventional relationship between designer, manufacturer and retailer. With the desire to take control of this process Alexander and his wife Stephanie launched Purcell Living in 2011 to international acclaim. Through finding dynamic collaborations with specialist manufacturers in the US and Europe; Purcell Living has initiated new manufacturing methodologies breaking down the normal constraints of the development process. Purcell Living’s form language utilizes the controlled precision of modern technology without being defined by it. The touch of the skilled craftsman is far from neglected in the assembly and uncompromised finishing of these refined pieces. Creating high quality tactile products, which allow for maximum customization. Based in Los Angeles, Purcell Living embraces a philosophy of innovation in manufacturing and cutting edge design, developing and manufacturing high-end home furnishings for design-savvy consumers around the world.

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