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Eclipse is a breakout furniture system incorporating a large soft bench and accompanying light table that can be configured in a variety of ways to complement any space.

The challenge for the Eclipse project was to create a fresh and exciting new benching system that would sit well in a creative space yet not over power its surroundings or intimidate. In addition the design was required to be soft and appeal to all ages so every surface on the Eclipse range has been considered and evaluated in order to maintain a smooth, seamless and playful aesthetic, the side effect of which has been to create a very safe and clean design which is suitable for a wide range of applications.

From a commercial point of view the construction was to be light, easy to manage, construct and maintain. The assembly of the Eclipse bench features just 4 main parts including the upholstery and foam (not fixings) while the table is delivered in just 2 parts. Both designs represent the most efficient use of material and the best compatibility with interior environments (single doorways etc) for a large 6-seater system. The bench measures 2070mm x 1000mm x 450mm and the table has a diameter of 960mm and is 450mm high also.

The Eclipse bench is available in an endless variety of fabric options to complement the gloss white of the underside panel and the table however both the panel and the table can also be upholstered if required. The table can be specified with a variety of glass, laminate or wood options.

During the project development special attention was paid to any features that would prolong the products useful life. As a consequence of this the upholstery on Eclipse is managed in such a way that should the end user wish to refresh the unit in it's later life with a new covering, this operation would be quick and simple without the need for any specialist equipment.

Eclipse is manufactured by Connection, a UK based commercial furniture design and manufacturing company established in 1995. They are committed to their belief that, “Good Design is Good business”, consistently bringing new products to market each year. There is an ethos of passion and care within the company and as a result they have developed strong relationships with customers in the UK and overseas, suppliers and designers.  With the progression of these relationships, they are able to respond quickly to the changing demands of the marketplace, being innovative in the field of Third Space products.



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