Ryan Tuesday 21 Jun 2011

Ryan have developed a new range of informal upholstered seating and accompanying tables, designed to make it easier for people to mingle in public spaces.

Often public seating is arranged in closed groups, such as paired sofas, seats arranged around tables, or lines of beam seating. However, Pad allows the tables to be arranged around the seat, with more seats creating open links to other tables, forming a chain or a cluster.

In a Pad arrangement, people need not be isolated in islands created by a formal seating arrangement, and are able to interact with others both sitting and standing.

Pad layouts invariably have an informal and random appearance, with a relaxed visual appeal. Even a random spread of Pad pieces will result in an attractive arrangement.

Pad seating comes in 3 sizes with the option of a backrest in several positions. Pad tables come in 5 heights and 3 top sizes. A wide range of colour, material and fabric options are available for both seating and tables.

Designed by: Simon Cahill and Martin Ryan

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The British company Ryan has been manufacturing contemporary furniture at its factory in the UK since 1987.

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