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Public Seating with a new aesthetic design language.

Benches are essential to the interior decoration of waiting rooms in a wide variety of environments, such as public buildings, administrations, congress and trade fair centres, hospitals and nursing homes, airports and railway stations, just to name a few examples. Preference is mostly given to space-saving benches with a high level of functionality.

Series 8000 stands for Public Seating characterized by a new aesthetic design language. Designed by the well-known Porsche Design Studio, whose technological know-how and creativity is high in demand by international brand manufacturers. This trendsetting team merged their competence with the experience and expertise of Kusch+Co to create an exceptional and truly innovative bench series meeting all the specific requirements of waiting rooms.

Design that captures the zeitgeist
Vigorous, innovative: these characteristics best describe series' 8000 puristic design language, giving it a timeless quality. The slender, gently curved side rails are inspired by the shape of aerofoils, dominated by aerodynamic lines. The clear-cut, asymmetrical silhouette is this series' unmistakable trademark. Most prominent design features are the one-piece side parts and the aluminium arms that are flush with the front.

Intelligent Engineering
The basic ingredients of series' 8000 construction are frame and filling material. The side rails build the ‘frame', whereas the seat and the back are the ‘filling material'. The seats as well as the backs are seamlessly strung together, therefore no hidden joints and no risk of injury. The arms are also fitted flush with the ‘frame', as integral parts of the side rails. The center-to-center distances remain unchanged with or without fitted arms, giving leeway to flexible, space-saving arrangements. The arms may be retrofitted at any given time. Thanks to the modular construction, it is possible to string as many seats together as there is room, building an ‘endless, continuous row'.

The seat units are fitted onto the steel stretcher bar by means of concealed screw joints, protecting the bench from vandalism or malicious mischief - a tried and tested method for all Kusch+Co Terminal benches at over 150 international airports.

The benches may be equipped with country-specific in-seat power ports and plug connections for laptops and mobiles. The CEE certified power and data systems are integrated into sheet steel cable ducts attached to the stretcher bar and to the inside rails. For safety reasons, only approved plugs may be inserted into the finger-safe power outlets. The somewhat recessed outlets are placed underneath the inside rails, yet still easily accessible to everyone.

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