Seth Rolland Friday 03 Jun 2011

Seth Rolland’s North Beach Hall Table is innovative in its collaborative use of materials:  the dramatically cantilevered geometry of the wood is literally balanced by the weight of the natural beach stone. 

Furthermore, the design switches the usual qualities of the materials – the wood looks sharp and hard, while the organic shape of the stone makes it seem soft by comparison.  The stone is completely uncut and unaltered.  It sits in a deep pocket perfectly carved into the wood so it can be lifted out for transport.

The North Beach Hall Table can be made in a variety of sizes with different woods and a choice of beautiful stones, or for a personal effect, using a stone provided by the client.

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Seth Rolland

Seth Rolland has been a custom furniture maker for 20 years, first in Taos, New Mexico and now in Port Townsend, Washington. During that time his work has evolved to be more organic both in design and technique with forms in nature being his primary inspiration.