BLACKBODY Friday 03 Jun 2011

Oled - super slim light source presented as never seen before

At first, Helix is a luminous composition evoking the shape of a helix. The three blades of the helical suspension, highlight the sharpness of the OLED.

The oled material brings mystery and poetry, evoking a flower opening its petals and at night it closes.

The lighting also plays with the light intensity: when its closed the lamps light the whole room. When its open, the light is directed downwards and illuminates in a more intimate way.

The new technologies used are particularly interesting as it shows all the properties and qualities of the OLED, shape, light, poetry and eaae of use.

"Like a flower Helix opens its corolla of pixels throughout the day. It blossoms as the sunlight fades. Like a bird Helix hovers in the air at sunset and folds her wings and shines like the moon"