Nick Moore Friday 03 Jun 2011

This decorative exterior light was designed in response to the paucity of landscape lighting serving anything but practical purposes in Australia.

The goal was to create an exterior light that had the decorative, versatile and atmospheric qualities of a great interior lamp, while being robust enough to function well in the outdoor environment. As a residential landscape designer I have designed this collection with our market in mind. I have attempted to give it the scale to fit small spaces so at 300mm the pieces are discreet during daylight hours but large enough to have an impact when in use in the evening. The lights were developed in a broad enough range of initial designs to suit a variety of stories.

Our sustainability test was to create a product that could serve its purpose now and well into the future with minimum impact on the resource usage. While we're continually investigating ways to better our processes, this initial range has already achieved this with use of low volt, low watt, long life LED technology. There are four patterns in the range - Energy, Modern, Organic and Floating. While the appeal of the light is primarily aesthetic and atmosphericthey also serve a practical purpose, radiating useful illumination out to a distance of approximately 1500mm. We've named the selection of lights the Umbo Collection.