Ferdi Giardini Wednesday 01 Jun 2011

Ekinos is a suspension lamp made of orange or black acrylic rose and aluminum heat sink fins.

28 petals with LED strip 12V medium emission warm white or cool white. The adjustable structure and the LED brightness create a special design product of for every environment. IP20. Parallel connection.

Ekinos is a product included in ILTI NEXT line. This line of products was created especially by ILTI LUCE to wide its range of products for lighting and furnishing. These products were born thanks to the cooperation between ILTI LUCE and designer Ferdi Giardini. This union describes the philosophy of the company, always looking for the solutions of lighting engineering and including both the quality and the aesthetics.

Technological innovation and exploration of new material which studied for their interaction with light, have been unified. The enhancement of material and form through the light can create particular atmosphere, impressive scenic effect and great visual impact. The whole things represents unique products design like Ekinos for example.

The originality of the form was explained by Ferdi Giardini who decided to use LED strip for its products for the following reasons.

The flexibility of a LED strip allows to adapt the light to the structure of the lamp.

Moreover LED is an energy save light source for these reasons: the cost compared with long life. This type of LED creates more energy efficient luminaire; low consumption compared with luminance.

Ekinos power consumption: 130W

LED lighting allows low environmental impact during production and disposal because LED is silicon powder than it hasn't toxic gas and substances, different from fluorescent tubes for example.

The LED brights but doesn't saturate the environment, it doesn't generate light pollution. So it represents the best solution when you decide to use LED luminaire for an interior or exterior application.

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Ferdi Giardini