Lumolar Tuesday 24 May 2011

Felt chandelier with pre-programmed choreographies

‘Pataphysics: "The product originated in the depth of the sea, drifted towards the surface of the ocean and to shore". The reality for this found object is less poetic: The shell material is an industrial waste product with multiple environmentally positive associated aspects. The lights are formed using this de-cycled material and are equipped with RGB LED's, resulting in radical resource efficiency compared to conventional lighting. The LED source permits unlimited colour changes, daylight simulation and electronically pre-programmed choreographies associated with unprecedented psychological benefits.

The material for the light shade is a 100% natural felt waste product of the industry, through this de-cycling process it inherits its own initial sustainability rating by diverting waste from landfill. The manufacturing process is chemical free and has in itself a low environmental impact, the material has excellent fire retardant properties since is self extinguishing. The shade is assembled in a patent pending process without the use of any glue and could be used as organic fertilizer should one ever decide to part with the product entering a closed loop resource path.

The light assembly is designed in a biomorphic concept resembling microbiological cells or larger organisms since nature remains the best designer. Even though it is man made it appears to be a natural found object. The three illuminated strands or tendrils are the vertical imperial interpretation of the "Three Standard Stoppages" by Marcel Duchamp.

The size of the space determines the number of lights to be utilized and ranges from 3-7 for small rooms to 50-100 for larger spaces. The lights are hung from ceiling hooks with a very simple and effective 90 degree slip on connection. Utilizing felt results in a 100% green product, since the felt is de-cycled we like to call it 110% green.

designer biog


Lumolar series of lights are designed by TYYZ, a young design and architecture firm that designs buildings, interiors, furniture and industrial products. The partners Catherine Lin and Mark Tholen have practiced in the field of architecture, architectural teaching and industrial design and have worked on and designed significant large and small scale award winning projects in Asia, Europe and North America.