Trove Friday 13 May 2011

Treeless wall"paper" created from stone

Trove, the multimedia design firm known for its innovative, large-scale patterns and modern aesthetic, is once again defying boundaries. This time with an industry-changing material that will become a new canvas for their designs: a silky-smooth wall"paper" made from stone. Pioneered by Trove's design team, the aptly named STONEGROUND wall"paper" combines mineral powder (> 80% calcium carbonate) with a small amount (< 20% PE) of non-toxic resin to create an environmentally-friendly wall"paper" unlike any other.

STONEGROUND debuts at ICFF 2011 with four stunning new designs from Trove, presenting an outstanding environmental story that combines unprecedented material and pattern design to create a thoroughly inspired product. The production process uses no wood products, meaning not a single tree has been cut down for its sake. It requires no water to produce, safeguarding the environment from additional wastewater pollutants. Thanks to STONEGROUND's unique fiberless make-up, printed images stay crisp and clean. Adding to its eco-friendly appeal, STONEGROUND requires 20-30% less ink than regular paper.

To create STONEGROUND, calcium carbonate, which is found in marble and limestone, is ground down into a fine, chalk-like powder that issprayed onto a non-toxic resin base where it binds to create the "paper."Its unique construction refines previously coarse and raw materials to create a more delicate feel than paper, yet more durable than paper because it is water and tear resistant. At the end of its life, STONEGROUND can be recycled in a number of ways.

STONEGROUND is the direct result of Trove's commitment to producing sustainable products that not only meet the rigorous industry standards of durability, safety, and functionality for wall covering, but also push the limits of what green means. Randall Buck of Trove states of STONEGROUND, "Trove is proud to offer another wallpaper option that reflects our core values to achieve beauty that also protects the environment. We are very concerned by what is happening to our forests and waterways, and STONEGROUND presents an exciting tree-free solution."

All of Trove's designs are available for application on STONEGROUND.

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Founded in New York City, Trove is led by Jee Levin and Randall Buck, who are both accomplished artists and the creative force behind the brand’s ingenious concepts; All of Trove’s products are eco-friendly and recyclable. Levin and Buck’s work is a clever interpretation of the simple, yet fascinating beauty of our environment.

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