Joseph Walsh Friday 13 May 2011

Joseph Walsh expresses his passion and imagination through his work ethic and commitment to exploring the depth and potential of wood as structure, form, material, technology and ecology.

His work is a testament to the beauty of pursuing the mastery of a material and exploring a life's work by learning from each experience. His wood pieces move like the wind, bend like paper, mould like clay and have the strength of bone.

"Joseph Walsh's purity of approach and uncompromising dedication to craftsmanship and quality is truly inspirational." Arts Thread.com, December 2009.

Console table - olive ash wood and glass

Chair - olive ash wood with copper woven textile

designer biog

Joseph Walsh

Joseph Walsh founded his studio in Cork in 1999. His experimentation with design and making began at an early age and he is self-taught. Over the years he has pushed the boundaries of working with wood resulting in a significant body of knowledge around the material and its potential. Walsh’s design approach stemmed from this intimacy with wood, the technique’s he had mastered and the combined potential to create structures and form. Today, this experience and fluency with tech¬niques allows him to start at a more conceptual point and explore its many interpretations.