Nouvel Seating
Jean Nouvel Tuesday 29 Mar 2011

From March 25, 2011, Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten present the result of a very special encounter: On display in the Viennese showroom is the seating furniture collection Vienna. With their refined aesthetics, the pieces reflect Jean Nouvel's architectural style.
The co-operation between the French architect and the Austrian manufacturer started last year, when Wittmann produced the furniture for Nouvel's new Viennese hotel Sofitel.

"Vienna" addresses an elegant, yet radical approach to form. Only when perfectly manufactured, its clear aesthetics can fully unfold. And only perfect seating comfort makes the monolithic pieces the most enjoyable companions for a long, inspiring evening. For both aspects, Jean Nouvel relied on Wittmann. "Our co-operation started last year," explains Heinz Hofer-Wittmann, "when we produced the seating furniture for Vienna's new Sofitel. In a joint process, those objects were subsequently transformed into a series of furniture for private and semi-private use."

"Vienna" consists of a series of modules which can be arranged in diverse ways, as to form a chaise longue or sofas of different lengths. With white, grey and black as domineering colours, the pieces reflect the timeless elegance so typical for Jean Nouvel's architecture. "As designer, I always point out that I am not a normal designer ... although I rather prefer normal furniture," says Jean Nouvel. His Wittmann collection complies with this unpretentious approach.

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Jean Nouvel

French architect Jean Nouvel (born 1945) was awarded the Pritzker Prize - the world's premier architecture honour - in 2008. Amongst his most famous buildings count the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, the Opéra de Lyon, the Fondation artier in Paris,Tokyo's Dentsu Tower, Torre Agbar in Barcelona, the Musée du quai Branly in Paris, and Copenhagen's concert hall.<br />