Scabetti . Thursday 03 Mar 2011

The sculptural work Shoal was launched in 2007 by Dominic and Frances Bromley, under their British label Scabetti. Fine bone china fish, each 16cm long and carrying delicate sculpted detail, envelop a light source creating a captivating sculptural form. Each fish is lit not only by reflected light from its neighbours but also from within, with the light passing through the delicate translucent china body.

While many of us were busy wrapping our final Christmas gifts, Dominic and Frances concentrated on wrapping up the final details in preparation for their New Year installation at the Hilton London Docklands Riverside Hotel. The riverside location provides an ideal backdrop for a Shoal sculpture. The fish echo the local maritime heritage and overlook the ferry dock for the Thames clipper. Reminiscent of an art gallery, the newly refurbished interior scheme was designed by accomplished British Architectural and Interior Designers Parker Liddell. The sculpture's LED lighting scheme washes the interior space with enchanting shadows cast from the fish above. Shoal was installed without the need to close the fully functioning lobby area.

Shoal is available in a number of standard dimensions as well as being tailored specifically for the location.