Satoshi Yoshida Tuesday 08 Feb 2011

"Trapezoid" is a light weight stool that can be stacked in an alternative and convenient way. This is realized by the easy way of sliding one stool laterally over another. The concept of the stacking system was inspired by the way shopping carts in the supermarket connect with one another, with the trapezoid seat being a result of this stacking system. The nature of this stool becomes a parents when it is stacked. In addition by curving the bottom edge of the stool, the concave effect gives the stool extra strength and creates an impression of delicacy. The simple concept of how the stool works offers the user various ways of sitting and arranging them within a space.

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Satoshi Yoshida

<p class="MsoNormal"><span><span>Born in Osaka Japan 1982. After his study in Bachelor of Industrial Design at Osaka University of Arts 2006, he worked as a designer at ISOLATION UNIT / TERUHIRO YANAGIHARA, a design firm in Osaka. Since 2007 he has moved to Finland and acquired Master’s degree in furniture design at Aalto University School of Art and Design in 2010. He has successfully participated in exhibition such as Stockholm Furniture Fair Greenhouse 2009 and Protoshop in Helsinki Design week 2010.</span></span><span lang="EN-US"></span></p>

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