Daphna Laurens Wednesday 26 Jan 2011

The five 'complete' lighting objects shine upon themselves as well as the objects placed in them

The lamps are open for the users own interpretation. For example, a 'Tafelstuk' can be used as a container to highlight everyday objects (keys, fruits or a magazine).

All the pieces are produced in Daphna Laurens' Eindhoven based workshop.

Tafelstukken is a limited edition of 15.
Materials used in the collection are porcelain and oak.

+ Readinglamp (big oval piece) Length: 620mm Width: 350mm Height: 420mm

+ Fruitlamp (small roundl piece) Length: 350mm Width: 350mm Height: 440mm

+ Sofalamp (high legged piece) Length: 420mm Width: 320mm Height: 1150mm

+ Etagère (round piece) Length: 400mm Width: 400mm Height: 450mm
+ Small fruitlamp (small legged piece) Length: 270mm Width: 200mm Height: 550mm

designer biog

Daphna Laurens

<p><strong>DAPHNA ISAACS BURGGRAAF</strong></p> <p>With her colorful way of working, transforms everyday objects into characteristic products. " I research tradition, material, composition and translate it into colorful contemporary forms. " Shaping by hand and intuitively making design choices give her work an authentic appearance.</p> <p><strong>LAURENS MANDERS</strong></p> <p>Everyday thoughts, reactions on human 'cultural' behavior and evoking emotion are themes which repeatedly return in the work of Laurens Manders, "Being in close contact with the subjects as well as the material in the workshop makes designing a real joy.</p>

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