Daphna Laurens Wednesday 26 Jan 2011

Valuable worthless vault in which you can treasure your personal richness

In this project Daphna Laurens was trying to find out what value really is, by questioning which ´things´ are of real value to her.
For Daphna most of it is about family, friendship and love. ´Things´ that, as much as you want, you can´t really put in a safe. Only ´things´ that remind you about your value can be kept safe. This is why in the vault there are only five small drawers in which you can put photos, letters and tiny objects. Realising that some ´objects that carry emotion´ are even smaller or much larger, the vault project will be continued.

This vault´s appearance is inspired by the mineral pyrite, also known as fool´s gold. Because of its resemblance to gold pyrite is often mistaken to be highly valuable being actually almost worthless. This now resembles xxx's vision on value. You can steal the vault and/or it´s ´valuable´ contents but you will find out that it's of no value to you...

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Daphna Laurens

<p><strong>DAPHNA ISAACS BURGGRAAF</strong></p> <p>With her colorful way of working, transforms everyday objects into characteristic products. " I research tradition, material, composition and translate it into colorful contemporary forms. " Shaping by hand and intuitively making design choices give her work an authentic appearance.</p> <p><strong>LAURENS MANDERS</strong></p> <p>Everyday thoughts, reactions on human 'cultural' behavior and evoking emotion are themes which repeatedly return in the work of Laurens Manders, "Being in close contact with the subjects as well as the material in the workshop makes designing a real joy.</p>

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