WETSTYLE . Thursday 13 Jan 2011

An exclusive tone-on-tone pattern breaking the gleaming surface of the bathtub centerpiece.

A new evolution in the bath category has emerged with Montreal-based WETSTYLE's latest collection, IMAGE-in. Building on the company's reputation as a leader in handcrafted and custom-made bath furnishings, this latest innovation redefines the traditional notion of bathtub offerings, providing a new level of design customization to those interested in crafting a distinct and original bath sanctuary.

IMAGE-in is a collection made up of both commanding and understated images that redefine the bathtub, making it the foundation of the room. The images relate to our terrestrial origins, offering a contrast of organic design through the subtlety of texture:

• EARTH - the evocation of our wanderings in the dried clay beneath our feet
• WATER - the wave, the current, movement, the graceful and fluid line of the ocean
• CALLIGRAPHY - expressive, delicate arabesques, the demonstration of an age-old knowledge

Those tempted to create an original image can let their imaginations flow to display a unique pattern, signature flourish or personal imprint. Romantic, classic, eccentric, rational, monogram - anything goes when discreetly applied to a WETSTYLE bathtub. Custom-made designs may be submitted to WETSTYLE for reproduction through the company's unique made-to-order fabrication process.